Middle sky

Through inspiration four birds met in middle sky. An eagle, a falcon, a sparrow and a pigeon. Said the falcon, oh eagle, you are able to fly up to to the higher sky, do tell us what is the most intriguing thing you see there?

Replied the eagle, I saw a god false at the feet of a real god and that most deeds ended up at the false god, very few alighted to the real one. And this is in regard to both, believers as well as disbelievers.

Than said the eagle, oh falcon, you dive down almost to the ground, what is the most intriguing thing that you find there?

Replied the falcon, that despite what almost all people claim, they really worship themselves. Believers and disbelievers are both liars.

Said the sparrow, perhaps the false god is the mirror image of the self that people really worship.

Than said the pigeon, those who are true to themselves are true worshippers of the real god as well, whether intended or not, for the real god must also be the true self.