You will not find your heaven until you have gone through your hell.

You will not find your truth until you have killed off all your myths, deceits and falsehoods. And you will not do so until you come to clearly apprehend and recognize them.

You will not reach the pinnacle until you have touched the bottomless pit.

Look at how easily you are tempted and seduced and so caught in the spiders web and dazzled by the snakes sway and struck by the scorpions stink. Look at how you are nothing but like a groveling worm.


Don’t write a book,

Don’t tell a story,

Don’t paint a picture;

Leave the still moon of your mind as a shining mirror …



Don’t express any feelings,

Don’t show any sentiments,

Don’t smile or frown;

Let the sun of your heart silently bestow its light.


Don’t enact any posture,

Don’t set up any act,

Don’t operate any limp;

Let your body flow naturally through all its motions.


Just as the universe be,

Just so – be thee;

For the entire universe is only the shadow subject –

Of the primal object of thee.


So be not on a leash on the paw of a dog,

Or an object chasing its shadow;

Leave the life of the reflected images

For you are the source of all thereof.



The heart is the sun

and the mind is the moon

While the body is the earth.


The soul is love

And the spirit is light

While the self is … what ?


Quite tryin to cross the bridge before you come to it.

Quit setting up your act.


We are not looking for gigantic steps. We are looking for small little steps that make a difference.


Your existence is the very proof of gods existence. The house is the proof of the builder. The fruit of the seed. The child of the mother. Surely than, the universe and all that it contains is proof of it’s maker.

‘devotion means that you are devoid of yourself ‘ devotion means that you are absolute in what you are doing. Sadhguru