Love  is the primordial “substance” that is the very basis and ground of everything that exist. Without it there simply cannot be a single thing. Not an atom of air nor a blade of grass. Not even hate can be or become without love.

Without love everything dry’s out, withers and dies. Without love things cease to flow, stagnate, become ill and perish. Without love there can be no light, and so no knowledge and so no guidance.

Imagine your world without a sun. Without a shining moon and stars. How forbidden and dark would your world not be? Now imagine how your world would be like with a brilliant sun full of light and warmth and love . A love that enlightens. A light that reveals and makes crystal clear before your very eye.

Yes, but what is this love, this light and how to gain it and yet still without being burnt up by it. This very love that pervades and encompasses all and everything? This very love that cannot possibly be done without.

Many are the ways. The highways, the byways, the pathways which can all only finally end up in one single way – the way of being truly yourself. Frank, honest and spontaneous…like a child!

If you already Are – honest in heart, simple of mind, natural  of body and spontaneous in act, and entertain no vain pretensions concerning yourself or anything else, then you already are all you need to be. Of that special rare breed art thee.

As for the rest of us we have to work at simply becoming a natural person, one that is again like the child we once were – innocent!